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How to Choose a Video Surveillance System for Your Business

Video camera hardware:
First, while modern video systems rely on innovative software to improve surveillance, your operation will still hinge on the hardware you buy. Here are some factors to consider when purchasing a video solution.

Number of Cameras
First, you’ll need to determine how many cameras are necessary to give you ample video coverage. As a rule of thumb, consider all the internal and external locations you want to keep an eye on. This includes all entries and exits, parking lots, shared office space, common areas, and so on.

Camera Type
While one fundamental difference between cameras is whether they’re equipped for outdoor use or not, there are other important ways to categorize video cameras. One such way is by their relative video quality. IP and analog cameras are two common types of surveillance devices. IP cameras have better frame rates and resolution, allowing for smoother pictures. This allows for easier vehicle and person identification. When deciding between these two, know that a digital video recorder pairs best with an analog system, while network video recorders are commonly used with IP cameras.

Surveillance Software
When choosing a video surveillance system for your business, look to surveillance software options next. This is where surveillance systems set themselves apart.

Video isn’t usable unless stored. Recent cloud-computing solutions allow nonlocal storage that doesn’t require your IT staff’s attention. Some systems allow you to label and quickly search for certain video features so your stored files are easy to navigate. If you store video locally, make sure you have enough available storage by running your system’s specifications through a calculator and planning for the number of terabytes per day your system will require.

Video Analytics and Alarms
To ensure you the quickest response time, you can invest in a video system that utilizes smart analytics and includes features such as alarm integration. When an issue arises, an alarm will let you know immediately, while live-streaming enables you to check in on what’s happening on your business’s premises instantly. Video systems such as Avigilon offer self-learning technology that uses algorithms to pinpoint changes in the environment for quick response by security staff.

If you need to improve your business’s commercial video surveillance system, contact ERS Wireless. We have experience helping public safety, education, and enterprise customers implement video solutions that save time and deliver reliable video.

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