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Why You Need Video Surveillance for Manufacturing Facilities

Ideally, every day at your manufacturing facility would go just as smoothly as the day before it. But realistically, emergencies can happen at any time in any area of the building or campus. Whether your emergency results from human error, mechanical failure, or outside forces, your security team can use the building’s interior and exterior surveillance cameras to react quickly.

Here are two examples of situations in which a surveillance system would prove useful:

Preventable Accidents and Emergency Response

When your manufacturing plant works with hazardous materials or heavy machinery every day, a simple mistake may lead to a serious incident. An intelligent video surveillance system such as Avigilon uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect irregularities in the workplace, allowing your security team to communicate and respond to the issue as soon as possible.

Whether that means sending a maintenance crew to fix something or evacuating the building, computer-assisted surveillance systems will ensure that your teams can respond quickly and efficiently.

Suspicious Activity

Someone who is out of place around the facility can pose a danger to all employees, especially if they’re acting strangely. Even employees who access areas without proper authorization, could prove threatening to your plant’s security. Cameras with thermal imaging can detect unusual activity during the night and display the footage directly to the security team, keeping your buildings safe from petty vandalism as well as more significant dangers, such as arson and theft.

Detect Danger

To use your video surveillance system to its best potential, you need accurate, high-quality detection. Upgrade cameras with excellent video quality to increase the likelihood of detecting risks and danger. Artificial intelligence has impacted the world of surveillance technology; by installing cameras that detect abnormalities on their own, it is like having another set of eyes to keep watch on each view of the facility.

With Avigilon integrated video security enhanced by AI, all devices on your security network will receive an alert when the system detects suspicious activity. You can create a watch list for the AI that will alert security staff of repeat suspicious individuals, allowing guards to respond at a moment’s notice. In restricted or hazardous areas, the surveillance system will alert security when anyone enters or exits the zone, which allows guards to protect workers who have access to the area and question those who don’t.

Analyze Footage with Video Analytics

After recording a library of footage and providing your smart surveillance network with critical security information, you and your security team will need the tools to analyze it. When it comes to smaller, everyday events—such as an employee staying in a restricted area for too long—the system can alert guards and direct attention to the footage. Additionally, the AI can pinpoint unusual employee behavior, even in regular work areas.

Sometimes, events and emergencies require further research into the footage—but sifting through too much past footage can be very time consuming. Avigilon software allows you to search for specific people based on their appearance and provides you with relevant video results quickly so your staff can look into prior behavior.

Communicate with Other Devices and Employees

Your video surveillance network’s ability to communicate with other types of devices keeps the workplace flowing. Remember that everyone needs access to easy, immediate communication on the network when learning how to use video surveillance in manufacturing. If your employees or cameras detect an issue, the system can send mass notifications, alerts, or alarms to each device connected to the network.

Security guards can notify relevant supervisors about their employees and send multimedia messages to their two-way radios or smart phones. This means that all designated employees can stay in the loop during an emergency thanks to intelligent surveillance equipment.

Respond and Act Immediately with Incident Management Software

Your surveillance system is incomplete without an efficient way to manage incidents and records. Allow your security staff to log events with incident management software that provides them with the ability to customize the data they record. Past records of dangerous incidents will ensure that the same event doesn’t happen twice—especially when security staff uses video evidence to implement new procedures and develop proper responses to emergencies.

Pair Ally incident management software with your Avigilon surveillance network and your staff will pick up on crises before they escalate based on trends backed by video evidence. They can use the same software to handle their work order tickets and communication with other response teams—security staff can generate a private, short-term link to communicate with other employees and first responders.

You can dutifully secure the entire perimeter of your manufacturing plant’s exterior and interior property with a high-quality surveillance system. Reduce the possibility of human error by providing your security team with an Avigilon commercial video surveillance system from ERS Wireless. When paired with Ally incident management software and Motorola two-way radios, your employees and your business will be better protected from preventable disasters—whether they are related to data, theft, or environmental factors.

Contact ERS Wireless for more information about utilizing Avigilon surveillance technology to detect, analyze, communicate, and respond to hazards in your manufacturing facility.

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