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Protect Every Entrance With Access Control Software

An unsecured entrance is a blind spot on your security team’s radar. Make the most of your security system by installing either cameras, alarms, or both at every entrance and tracking them with intelligent access control software.

Cameras are necessary in areas of the building without windows nearby, such as emergency exits near gymnasiums or a theater. Combined with an alarm and an integrated access control program, you’ll know when someone is trying to get in or out of the building as well as who it is.

For instance, it may be entirely normal for PE teachers to take their students outside the nearest gym exit for exercise during class. But if an exterior door is propped ajar- you’ll know immediately with your access control technology.

An Avigilon surveillance camera system with AI learning will teach itself regular activity and point out any unusual activity to your security team via your access control software—whether it’s a teacher in an unusual location or a stranger at a prohibited entrance. The access control program detects security breaches, focuses attention on the event for security staff to analyze, and communicates the danger to any designated two-way radios, desktop, or LTE device.

Only Allow Access to a few Entry Points During a School Day

Restricting access to a few fully staffed access points during an average school day will help differentiate unusual access from normal access. No stranger, student, or faculty member, besides janitorial or maintenance staff, should be at a restricted access point during regular school hours.

Make it clear to students and faculty where they should come into the building if they are late for school or leaving school early by printing out signs for each restricted entrance. Provide the information online or in a pamphlet for their parents to read as well.

If a student or faculty member must use a restricted access point for any reason, have them fill out a form detailing when and why they need the entryway. This step will allow your security guards to mark the activity as normal while using the access control software.

ERS Wireless is helping schools implement wireless voice, data, and video systems that allow them a proactive approach to school safety. Whether you’re equipping your staff with new two-way radios for schools or upgrading your surveillance system with an Avigilon camera system, ERS Wireless can provide you with the equipment and advice you need to keep the building running smoothly. Utilize new technology and our access control tips for schools to secure your perimeter and keep your students safe while they learn.

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