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In your warehouse, the loading dock serves as the starting line where materials and resources come in, along with the finish line for products that are ready to ship out. A mistake on the loading dock can be costly—or even dangerous for your employees. Emphasize the importance of clear communication in loading docks during training and on the floor to prevent unfortunate errors while transporting goods to and from your manufacturing business.

The Importance of Visual Signals and Cameras

Loading zones become noisiest during high-traffic periods, which may create a difficult environment for employees to hear each other. Back up your verbal communications with easy-to-see visuals, such as red lights to signal “stop” and green lights to signal “go.” Allocate an employee to oversee the workplace and its surroundings with a secure surveillance system and integrate video with your radio network for transparency and safety.

When you combine your visual communication with MOTOTRBO two-way radios and applications, the employee monitoring cameras can detect anything that doesn’t belong in the loading zone and hasn’t alerted the motion detection. Once they communicate the abnormality over the radio, workers at the loading dock can take care of the rest and work to fix the problem.

Connecting Every Worker With Two-Way Radio Communication

Loading and unloading is a multi-team process—especially when shipping products. If something isn’t where it should be, the loading team must quickly contact the necessary team to correct the error. Motorola MOTOTRBO two-way radios can connect all warehouse staff members instantly with simple Push-to-Talk (PTT) technology.

With additional MOTOTRBO applications to suit your workplace, you can keep track of on-the-clock employees and ensure their safety. Because the loading dock is so loud, don’t forget to equip your workers with the proper accessories—headsets for all radio-equipped employees will make a difference when you consider the importance of clear communication in loading docks.

When you need to upgrade your warehouse and loading dock’s communication, contact ERS Wireless to outfit your workplace with the newest and most reliable Motorola commercial radios in the industry.

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