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Smart Surveillance for Interior and Exterior Security

Detect vehicles or unexpected individuals as they approach your school with a network of smart video cameras that utilize the benefits of artificial intelligence, such as those from Avigilon. With a reliable surveillance network and access control software, you can keep your eyes inside and outside school buildings with real-time alerts.

Analyze suspicious activity by pairing your smart surveillance system with self-learning video software. When paired with Avigilon cameras, this software can detect an abnormality and push out notifications. At a school, a surveillance system that finds and focuses on a propped open door can alert your security staff of an unusual behavior so they can prevent or interrupt an incident.

Upgrade Your Two-Way Radio Network

Another one of our important tips for using technology in schools to enhance safety is to create, maintain, and upgrade your schools two-way radio network. Communicating with a network of two-way radios for teaching faculty, bus drivers, and security staff, allow them to stay in contact with each other instantly. A reliable two-way radio system is an essential part of your technologically advanced security system.

Ensure your signal reaches the entirety of the school building and campus Upgrading your devices to technically advanced two-way radios such as Motorola MOTOTRBO offers your school access to a plethora of useful applications, such as GPS tracking and alarms. It’s even possible to connect your MOTOTRBO radios to your surveillance network and access control for instant notifications of security concerns.

By seamlessly integrating response solutions, such as incident management software, into your surveillance and radio networks, you’ll have instant access to key personnel and local public safety should an emergency situation arise. Let ERS Wireless help your school implement an integrated wireless voice, data, and video solution. We can help with anything from video surveillance networks to two-way radios for schools and offer the complete line of Motorola Two -way Radios and Avigilon video camera and software solutions.

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