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Protection From Unknown Individuals

When someone enters the workplace who is not supposed to be there, it is a problem for both their safety and the security of your employees and assets. An operational network of surveillance cameras provides your employees with peace of mind. Unauthorized people should not enter the workplace. If a stranger does manage to get into the building, with a smart video surveillance system- the call can go out immediately and your workplace can take the appropriate actions.

Even when employees are not around at night, if anyone sneaks in, your video surveillance network can catch it.

Workplace Hazards Noticed Early

An extra set of eyes on your workplace surveillance cameras can spot problems with dangerous chemicals or machinery, even when no one is in the room. Artificial intelligence is a helpful addition to a smart video surveillance system, as the cameras themselves may notice problems that your security team may miss. Once a hazard is spotted, security staff can respond quickly.

Both audio and video security solutions are essential for your employees’ safety. Once you see for yourself how video surveillance boosts employee safety, your workplace communication grid will be more efficient—especially when using cameras in conjunction with two-way radios. ERS Wireless proudly supplies workplaces with Avigilon Video Surveillance solutions, which use AI in their security cameras. To learn more about commercial video surveillance systems from Avigilon, contact us today.

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