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Two-Way Radios During the Bus Route

While your buses are on their routes, they may encounter dangers that drivers can communicate urgently to administration by using a Motorola two-way radio that’s specifically designed for the job.

A two-way radio provides so much more to a bus fleet than just an instant line of communication. Applications and features found on Motorola MOTOTRBO two-way radios provide features that add an extra layer of safety to your school bus fleet. Some of the technically advanced features you’ll find in school bus two-way radios are as follows.

GPS Enabled Two-Way Radios

With a GPS enabled radio, you’ll never lose track of a radio or the driver or bus. You’ll be able to know exactly where a bus is.

Emergency Call Buttons

The addition of an instant emergency call button on a MOTOTRBO two-way radio will provide an immediate alert when the bus driver is in a crisis. This simple button can save a life if the vehicle is in an emergency that requires assistance.

Remote Monitoring

Keep an eye on your radio fleet from afar with remote two-way radio monitoring. You’ll be able to see the radio’s performance as well as listen remotely in the event of an unresponsive bus driver or student situation. With advanced data applications, you can even watch the bus’s fuel efficiency and monitor when a driver has left the doors open.

Two-Way Radios for School Bus Loading

Communication is essential while loading school buses—a child left behind at school without warning can cause angry parents and problems for administration. School bus supervisors and drivers can communicate with each other to quickly load the buses so children can get home as soon as possible. An efficient bus schedule run by supervisors on Motorola two-way radios ensures that no upcoming bus or school schedules run into problems and that a family’s schedule outside of school isn’t impacted by late buses. Keeping a stable line of communication between administration and drivers also allows quick sharing of information about troublesome students or unusual situations, such as students who may need to ride a different bus or aren’t present.

There are numerous additional reasons how two-way radios improve school bus safety. If your school bus fleet requires an upgrade to their two-way radio system, contact ERS Wireless for a free demo of Motorola MOTOTRBO Digital two-way radios.

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