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The hard-plastic casing of a two-way radio is essential to the radio’s identity. This case can protect the radio from weather and dirt, as well as workplace elements. When considering what radio to buy, keep your work environment in mind before deciding. Some radios can handle hazardous workplaces better than others.


Communication reaches the two-way radio through the antenna. It is important to keep your antenna from being bent or crimped.

Microphone and Speaker

When using a two-way radio, you need to hear others, and also be heard yourself. This makes the microphone and speaker some of the main components of two-way radios that cannot be changed. Newer radios, like the Motorola MOTOTRBO radio series, have higher quality audio and input for effective communication. If you work in a noisy environment, you should try a demo radio in your facility to ensure staff will be able to hear messages clearly. Most two-way radios will have input jacks for you to plug into a headset as well.


If you choose a radio with a display, you could have the ability to show text messages, work orders, or alerts from other radios on your network*. Displays can also be basic and only show things like battery life and which radio channel you are on, or you might not have a display on your radio at all.

*Some of these features require data applications.


Two-way radios can have several different buttons. The two most important are the power button and the Push to Talk (PTT) button. The power button is what turns on your device. The PTT button activates your microphone to take input when you speak. It is then transmitted to the other devices on your network.

Depending on your device, you may have a keypad. Keypads on two-way radios can have full texting capabilities or just have a few buttons to navigate your display


Powering each radio on your network is a powerful rechargeable battery. Most Motorola batteries last 18-24 months when cared for using the recommended manufacturer guidelines.


Depending on the complexity of your two-way radio, you may additional components. Recently, the addition of Wi-Fi compatibility and Bluetooth® have risen in popularity. These features can improve business communications.

ERS Wireless is a Motorola Solutions Channel Partner. We offer the complete line of Motorola Commercial and Professional series radios and accessories. Let us help you implement a radio system that helps your staff stay connected.

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