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Have an Outline

No matter how experienced or inexperienced a crew might be, something as simple as an outline can make a big difference in how crew members perform. With a schedule that staff can easily access, your crew members can focus on the tasks they need to do to ensure an excellent event. Your detailed outline or schedule should organize tasks by when your crew needs to complete them. If necessary, you can label who or which team is specifically doing a task. However, creating separate outlines for each team may lessen confusion and eliminate the need for labeling who does what.

Depending on the scale of your event, you may have both a detailed outline and a simplified outline. Place the detailed outline either in a binder where everyone can see it or keep it posted on a surface of the briefing room or area. You should have every crew members’ contact information in case of an emergency on or within your outline.

Brief Your Crew

On the day of the event, make sure to have time to go over the schedule and answer any questions before the event begins. Use this time to assign radios to your crew members. Remind your crew that briefing is not optional, even if they are experienced. Every event is different, and you may need to put emphasis on certain things. Radio sanitation and safety, for example, are essential topics to cover.

If holding a multi-day event, an end-of-day briefing is essential for knowing what went right and what went wrong to improve later days. It is still important for single-day events, but it will likely be shorter and will wrap up clean-up time. Always give praise when deserved, and make sure any criticism is constructive. Throughout the day, try listening to some of the comments from participants to hear if there were any stand-out members of your crew. This will help with the end-of-day briefing and with further improvement of the event.

Stay Connected Throughout the Event

Regardless of the size of your event, communication is going to be the key to how to keep your event running smoothly. All events require workers to communicate with each other as the day goes on, and a two-way radio system is the most effective way to keep all employees connected. Any professional event company will benefit from owning their own network of radios, but radio rental is a cost-effective solution for events that occur once a year. Utilizing the event radio rental service from ERS Wireless, you can find the best Motorola two-way radio solutions to keep you in control of your event for as long as you need. Two-way radios will keep everyone in touch without interrupting the event itself—especially if you also provide earpieces.

You can have one manager in charge of communications per one group of your crew members, or a radio for each member depending on the size of your crew. This ensures that if anything goes wrong, you can immediately take charge. You can’t be everywhere at once, but you might have crew members that can help other members if they need assistance, or it might just be a simple answer that you need to give over the radio to clear things up. A Motorola radio system is more instantaneous and reliable than an informal phone or texting method of communicating. Plus, you and the event crew will always leave the radios at the venue and can use your personal phone number for emergencies only. It will help you keep your work life separate from your personal life.

Check in With Your Crew

Throughout the day, plans might change. It is important to keep yourself updated on the inner workings of the event. Schedule in some vital check-ins during different parts of the event. You and your crew will be busy, so try not to disrupt their work too much. Consider what each group is doing at each time on your outline and where they will be.

If you can, check in while they have some downtime or before they take a break. If something gets in the way, keep them updated via the radio system in a way that will not interrupt other groups of crew members.

Keeping in touch with your crew throughout the day keeps the event running smoothly. With regular communication, workers can take care of problems that pop up over the course of the event - as they happen.

Keep COVID-19 Event Guidelines in Mind

Lastly, consider the world that we are living in during this pandemic. There may be rules put in place by your government that put limits on event size and other regulations on the event itself. Luckily, with a good communication system and accessories, you can keep staff connected while social distancing. Hosting an event while following proper pandemic guidelines will persuade people to attend—if your workers do not follow guidelines, it could damage your company’s reputation and put people in danger.

After every day of the event or an event itself, make sure that you sanitize your two-way radios. We have proper sanitation guidelines on our blog for your safety and convenience.

Running an event can be challenging, but ERS Wireless is here to help. When planning your next event, please consider these suggested tips and contact us for your short-term rental radio needs.

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