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Speak Slowly and Emphasize Your Words

Even when you’re not wearing a mask, speaking clearly while using a two-way radio is a must. Don’t overemphasize words to the extent that they are unintelligible, but instead find a happy medium that’s slightly slower than your normal talking speed. Put proper emphasis on the most important words in your sentence. Stay calm in high-stress situations, as repeating yourself may not always be possible. Adjust your speaking volume as well. Your words may seem a bit quieter when speaking through a mask. Don’t shout into your radio, but don’t whisper either.

Wear a Headset

When using two-way radios, it’s a good idea to wear a headset whenever possible. Not only does a headset prevent your coworkers from getting annoyed with your noisy radio chatter, but you’ll also be able to understand your coworkers more clearly when they’re speaking directly into your ears. Headsets and earpieces often include a microphone, which will also assist your audibility, as it’ll be closer to your face and, therefore, more direct than the radio.

Be Direct

You may tend to speak in long-winded sentences on the radio, but through a mask, this might cause important information to be cut off or unclear. Try to shorten your sentences into the simplest bits and pieces possible, so you can do your job efficiently. Following tips to improve radio communication with a mask will improve your communication skills even after you are no longer required to wear a mask. Remember to properly sanitize your two-way radio after each use, especially during the current pandemic. The Motorola suggested cleaning guidelines can be found in our Blog.

Motorola commercial radios and accessories can help you communicate clearly- even while wearing a mask.

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