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5 Tips for Clear Communication with Two-Way Radios

For over 90 years, people have used radios to direct workers in fields such as healthcare, construction, manufacturing, public safety, education, and more. They allow quick adjustments to happen exactly when needed. However, there are a few tips for clear communication with two-way radios you should know to ensure you and other employees use your radio network properly.

Pause, Then Pace Yourself

When you have a message to send, be sure to pause when you push the PPT (push-to-talk) button. There is often a slight transmission delay that, if you were to begin speaking too soon, would cut off the beginning of your message. After this, be sure to maintain a consistent, calm speaking pace as you relay your message. We often speak quicker than we think we are, and when your message is critical, going slow and making sure it’s communicated is of utmost importance. As you slow down, articulate as clearly as you can to ensure the relevant party understands you.

Identify Yourself and Your Recipient

After pausing, identify yourself and then address the intended recipient by name or call sign. Wait a moment for confirmation. This will make sure they are ready to receive your message.

Keep Messages Short

Know what you’re going to say before keying up your two-way radio. Keeping messages short and concise is best when speaking on two-way radios. It’s easier for the person receiving the message and keeps the conversation focused.

Let Others Speak

When you’re done speaking, allow others a chance to respond. This may take some time as your recipient processes your message and tries to make themselves available to respond. Be patient. Take care not to cut someone off while they’re speaking to avoid confusion.

Learn the Phonetic Alphabet

Another tip for clear communication with two-way radios is to use the phonetic alphabet. There are times when you need to be very precise with your message. If you’re relaying a code, address, or some other specific message, you may need to spell out a word or phrase. To do this effectively, learn and utilize the phonetic alphabet for universal comprehension. Its creation is meant to make letter identification as simple as possible by using words in which the letters are clear. For example, “Victor” clarifies the letter “V” so recipients easily hear the letter.

We’ve included the complete Phonetic Alphabet below:

A- Alpha
B- Bravo
C- Charlie
D- Delta
E- Echo
F- Foxtrot
G- Golf
H- Hotel
I- India
J- Juliet
K- Kilo
L- Lima
M- Mike
N- November
O- Oscar
P- Papa
Q- Quebec
R- Romeo
S- Sierra
T- Tango
U- Uniform
V- Victor
W- Whiskey
X- X-Ray
Y- Yankee
Z- Zulu

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