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4 Reasons Your School Can Benefit From Using Video Surveillance

Safety has recently been a hot topic in schools in the US. Intrusion is of utmost importance, however, everyday situations such as medical, fighting, vaping, or unusual student behavior are all important to keep an eye on to ensure safety of students, staff, and guests within your school buildings and grounds. The following are four reasons your school can benefit from using video surveillance.

Protect Students from Bullying

Something that schools deal with on a daily basis is the practice of bullying. While public campaigns and speakers do plenty in helping to avoid these cases, it is not always a guarantee that it stops. However,when students notice video cameras are in place, they’re less likely to do anything that may cause them punishment.

Improve Crisis Preparedness

Unfortunately, a trespasser can make their way onto school grounds. However, having a reliable surveillance system such as Avigilon security cameras with AI technology, help schools to be notified instantly of unusual activity or people of interest- so security and administration can take action quickly when needed. The sooner information is relayed to a school's security team, the faster that information spreads to teachers and authorities.

Aids in Legal Disputes

The benefit of having active surveillance on school grounds is the ability to avoid "he said she said" scenarios. When conflict occurs within the school, accounts are taken from witnesses and statements through an investigation. While this method is okay with enough witnesses, having video proof of such events is the best way to get a clear-cut picture of what exactly transpired in those moments.

Enhances Security

Capture details and enhance visibility across campus with specialized cameras for every location, including hallways, entrances, auditoriums, parking lots, and sports fields. Technology from Avigilon offers analytics such as Appearance Search, Identity Search, Unusual Motion Detection, Focus of Attention, and Self-Learning Analytics. This technology can equip your safety and security teams with the ability to detect situational and abnormal activity and send proactive, real-time notifications.

Securing an entire school requires extensive insight and effort on the part of school staff members. ERS Wireless has helped many schools of various sizes implement reliable video surveillance systems and can help your school too.

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