Avigilon Smart Video Technology

8 800-475-3320 | WWW.ERSWIRELESS.COM FACIAL RECOGNITION EFFICIENTLY DETECT A PERSON OF INTEREST CHALLENGE An individual has been repeatedly caught vandalizing property within the site and has since been added to the facility’s watchlist after causing costly damages and potentially risking the safety of employees. TECHNOLOGY Facial Recognition technology plays an assistive role in increasing the effectiveness of physical security systems by using the cameras across a site to watch for a known offender whose image has been previously added to the facility’s watchlist and alerting the operator when they are detected the next time they return to the site. Embedded on Avigilon’s H5A analytic cameras, enabling facial recognition technology to run across an entire site on general-purpose security cameras can help increase the chance of detecting a person of interest. H5A cameras accurately detect faces for ACC ™ software to identify potential matches against the configured face watch list(s). OUTCOME Facilities are equipped with an incredibly powerful tool that enables operators to achieve greater efficiency in detecting known offenders, quickly attending to the scene to escort the individual, and ensuring they are kept off premises to ensure the safety and security of their assets and people. Accelerate response times using AI-powered facial recognition technology to detect people of interest based on one or more secure watch lists. Avigilon cameras licensed for facial recognition seek to identify potential matches based on user-identified watch lists. Once a match is found, the user is alerted through Avigilon’s Focus of Attention interface or through an alarm within Avigilon Control Center (ACC) software. APPEARANCE SEARCH AND IDENTITY SEARCH VIDEO CLICK TO WATCH