Avigilon Smart Video Technology

7 800-475-3320 | WWW.ERSWIRELESS.COM UNUSUAL ACTIVITY AND UNUSUAL MOTION DETECTION RESTRICTED REVEAL SECURITY EVENTS THAT MAY GO UNNOTICED H5A-PTZ Camera CHALLENGE Certain events are immediately apparent as a potential security threat and require operator investigation, such as a group of people loitering or an individual entering a secure area. However, there are other events that cannot be anticipated but equally require attention, such as a car driving on a sidewalk, or a trespasser scaling up the side of a building to the roof and entering a restricted area. TECHNOLOGY Unusual Activity Detection (UAD) is built into the H5A camera line and offers an object-aware solution that highlights atypical speed and location of people and vehicles detected on camera, which may be indicative of a critical event. Whereas, Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) continuously learns what a typical camera scene looks like across different time periods and flags atypical movement that deviates from that learned norm for additional operator attention. UMD is available as an embedded solution in Avigilon’s H5SL, H5M, H4A, H4SL and H4 Mini Dome camera lines. OUTCOME Uncover events that may otherwise have been missed and bring a new level of automation to video security systems. Operators can also quickly review large amounts of footage by filtering the video management software to only highlight when and where atypical events have occurred for investigations, helping to reduce hours of work to mere minutes. UAD & UMD detects and alerts operators of the unanticipated with intelligent technology that distinguishes between typical and atypical events by learning from observation of scenes over time. No predefined rules or set-up required. UNUSUAL MOTION DETECTION VIDEO CLICK TO WATCH