Avigilon Smart Video Technology

5 800-475-3320 | WWW.ERSWIRELESS.COM POWER OF AI AND ANALYTICS Leveraging AI-powered video analytics, security teams can do more with less, while maximizing resources to make monitoring high-definition security video more affordable and efficient. This abundance of information and data far outweighs our ability to process and analyze all this information on our own. Security teams watching hours of video from multiple camera feeds over the course of a day poses a real risk of critical events being missed. The more data that needs to be consumed, analyzed, evaluated and investigated, the more challenging it is for security operators to determine what matters most and be as effective and efficient as possible. Artificial Intelligence, or AI, powering video analytics can help increase the productivity of security personnel and enable effective monitoring of events to facilitate proactive, real-time responses. Avigilon’s assistive AI technology enables security operators to detect potentially critical events that are happening by presenting information in a consumable way – removing the noise clutter, and bringing the right information with the right criticality to their attention at the right time. This helps to boost productivity by allowing teams to efficiently allocate scarce resources so they can spend less time on watching live and recorded video, and use their human reasoning to determine the best course of action and drive a more effective and timely response. ENHANCE VISIBILITY AND RESPONSE TIMES WITH ASSISTIVE AI AND ANALYTICS POWER OF AI AND ANALYTICS NEXT-GEN VIDEO ANALYTICS UNUSUAL ACTIVITY/MOTION DETECTION FACIAL RECOGNITION LICENSE PLATE RECOGNITION APPEARANCE SEARCH COVID-19 RESPONSE