Avigilon Smart Video Technology

44 800-475-3320 | WWW.ERSWIRELESS.COM Access control breach recognized in secured hospital pharmaceutical and supply storage area via an alert sent to the security operations center. Intruder’s appearance is captured, relevant cameras instantly populate and intruder is identified and automatically tracked through the hospital. Alert is sent across radios and smartphones to secure all hospital exits in proximity to the breached area. Image and location of the intruder is shared with the security team. Local police are directly alerted and dispatched to the hospital; intruder is apprehended. Incident data is automatically logged into the incident management report and resolved. RADIO ALERT IN ACTION RADIO ALERT POWERFUL ALONE. GAME CHANGING TOGETHER. Two-way radio use is critical to effective communications, efficient operations, and increased security for businesses. With the operational advantages of digital radio and video analytics, adoption is assured to grow across the industry. We can help you implement an integrated two- way radio system with video security in one game-changing solution that ensures the right people receive real-time information – when it’s needed most. Radio Alert leverages easy-to-use video management software with advanced AI and video analytics and integrates it with MOTOTRBO two-way radios. Users receive Avigilon Control Center™ (ACC) alarms directly from their MOTOTRBO radio system, including real-time alerts related to video analytics, license plate recognition matches, or access control events. Alerts are instantly dispatched directly to radios via text messages and text-to-voice and two-way confirmation capability allows security operators to immediately acknowledge alerts from their radios, then respond accordingly. The result is faster response times and a far more effective and efficient use of resources. Instead of continually monitoring video feeds on screen, your security personnel can actively patrol your environment, confidently relying on radio alerts to inform them of issues that require further investigation or immediate response. MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS INTEGRATIONS https://youtu.be/NgqYUJXvsQQ INTEGRATING AVIGILON & MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS | SMARTER. SAFER. TOGETHER. VIDEO CLICK TO WATCH