Avigilon Smart Video Technology

39 800-475-3320 | WWW.ERSWIRELESS.COM ACM SYSTEM INTEGRATIONS BIOMETRICS The ACM system integration leverages the VIRDI solution to add biometric authentication to restricted locations and areas requiring a high level of security. Set up biometric identities directly from ACM software through our integration with the VIRDI Biometrics Enrollment Manager interface. Simply connect the USB enrollment reader to any client machine. VIRDI Biometrics Enrollment Manager needs to be installed on a compatible windows client machine with network access to the ACM appliance. INTRUSION PANELS Optimize the value of access control by monitoring and controlling Bosch intrusion panels from the ACM system. This integration brings increased security, improved accuracy and visual verification of alerts. Incorporating an integrated system enables users to monitor intrusion and access events from a single location. From there, they can arm and disarm panels by area, set up and assign passcode groups to identities, configure the system to send access events to the central monitoring service and more. VISITOR MANAGEMENT EasyLobby ® software from HID Global provides a secure and professional all-in-one visitor management system. Map custom fields and roles in ACM for easy visitor check-in, enabling your operation to run efficiently while protecting the security of your business. FLEXIBLE, SCALABLE ACCESS CONTROL TO SECURE VIRTUALLY ANY SITE 49 FIXED VIDEO & PHYSICAL SECURITY PRODUCTS