Avigilon Smart Video Technology

37 800-475-3320 | WWW.ERSWIRELESS.COM ACCESS CONTROL & VIDEO SOFTWARE INTEGRATIONS Our ACM system integrates with ACC video management software to provide you with one simple, powerful and unified security solution to help you focus on what matters most. REVIEW ACM DOOR EVENTS & CREDENTIALS ACC software receives, processes and acts on ACM door events and hardware input events. Identity Verification feature dynamically displays ACM credentials with ACC camera views, allowing you to remotely grant door access. IDENTITY SEARCH Corresponds ACM credentials with Avigilon Appearance Search results, offering a new way to locate individuals across an entire site or multiple sites connected to the same ACC Client. H4 VIDEO INTERCOM SUPPORT The H4 Video Intercom enables operators to monitor and control access at entry points through two-way audio communication, video verification and the ability to send an ACM door grant through ACC software. BI-DIRECTIONAL ALARM MANAGEMENT ACC alarms work together with ACM alarms including panel/sub-panel, input/output, identity and door-related events, allowing you to acknowledge them through either ACM or ACC. The Alarm Gateway Service can be configured according to project requirements. Thu, Aug 1, 2018 2:25:47 PM John Smith PRODUCTS