Avigilon Smart Video Technology

33 800-475-3320 | WWW.ERSWIRELESS.COM PRODUCTS FOCUS OF ATTENTION (FOA) INTERFACE A cutting-edge user interface for live video monitoring that leverages AI and video analytics technologies to determine what information is important and should be presented to security operators. UNUSUAL MOTION & ACTIVITY DETECTION Advanced AI technology that highlights the unanticipated by automatically flagging unusual motion and activity. This edge-based intelligence technology distinguishes between typical and atypical events by continuously learning from observation of scenes over time. Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) detects atypical movement, while Unusual Activity Detection (UAD) is object-aware and detects the anomalous speed and location of people and vehicles. FACIAL RECOGNITION ACC 7 software incorporates AI-powered facial recognition technology to help accelerate response times by identifying people of interest. People of interest are identified based on one or more secure watch lists managed by authorized users at an organization. Avigilon cameras licensed for facial recognition will search the configured face watch lists for potential matches. If a match is found, operators can be notified either using the FoA interface or through ACC alarms using armed panels or the alarm view. ACC will display the video image that triggered the alarm along with the reference image from the watch list, enabling operators to verify the match and act quickly. AVIGILON APPEARANCE SEARCH ™ TECHNOLOGY A sophisticated AI search engine that enables operators to sort through hours of recorded video with ease and quickly locate a person or vehicle of interest across an entire site. Search for a person or vehicle by entering a physical description or by finding an example in recorded video. ADVANCED AI TECHNOLOGIES CYBERSECURITY ACC security measures include strong password enforcement, connection authentication and data encryption, as well as strict user permissions to access search functionality that uses personally identifiable information. For U.S. government agencies and enterprises that require FIPS-compliant cryptography, ACC software offers an option to use Microsoft Windows’ FIPS 140-2 certified cryptographic libraries to comply with IT policies. PRIVACY PROTECTION Blurred Export helps support compliance with new data protection and privacy requirements by allowing you to export Avigilon Appearance Search results in ACC software while blurring the background of the camera view to feature only the person of interest in the video. LICENSE PLATE RECOGNITION Our license plate recognition analytics technology automatically reads license plate information from vehicles, linking it to both live and recorded video. Create and import license plate watch lists for instant alarm notification when a match is detected, or search specific captured license plate video for further investigation. ADVANCED VIDEO ANALYTICS You can’t be everywhere all the time — our self-learning video analytics solutions can monitor an area 24/7/365. They are designed to accurately recognize the movement of people and vehicles, differentiating it from motion that is not relevant to a scene. 27 FIXED VIDEO & PHYSICAL SECURITY