Avigilon Smart Video Technology

29 800-475-3320 | WWW.ERSWIRELESS.COM HD VIDEO APPLIANCE ALL-IN-ONE SERVER, STORAGE SOLUTION, WORKSTATION & NETWORK SWITCH Our HD Video Appliances (HDVAs) are designed to help shorten installation time, simplify deployment, and reduce the cost and complexity of your security system. All Avigilon HDVAs come pre-loaded with ACC software so you can be up and running in no time, plus our Pro 24-Port and 16-Port models feature advanced functionalities including replaceable power supplies and video drives, larger storage capacities and increased throughput. ACC ES APPLIANCES RECORD LOCALLY, VIEW CENTRALLY & MANAGE REMOTELY All-in-one appliances that bring edge intelligence and built-in ACC software to organizations with multiple sites and critical assets requiring protection and monitoring. ACC ES products help avoid bandwidth issues by storing 30+ days of HD video locally near the camera, so you can easily view it remotely from a central location. ACC ES RUGGED 8-PORT APPLIANCE RUGGED AND RELIABLE SOLUTION FOR HARSH ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS Purpose-built to meet the challenges that are commonly faced in city security, critical infrastructure and temporary security applications. As a rugged device, it incorporates a fan-less design, solid-state storage and an 8-port PoE switch, all packaged in a heavy-duty enclosure. The ACC ES Rugged 8-Port Appliance provides a reliable solution that is suited for extreme environmental conditions, without requiring the addition of expensive heating or air conditioning systems. SPECIALIZED RECORDING & VIEWING DEVICES ADD VIDEO MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE, EDGE MONITORING & ANALYTICS CAPABILITIES FOR AN OPTIMIZED SECURITY SYSTEM 43 FIXED VIDEO & PHYSICAL SECURITY PRODUCTS