Avigilon Smart Video Technology

26 800-475-3320 | WWW.ERSWIRELESS.COM PRODUCTS ONVIF is a trademark of ONVIF, Inc. 17 MOBILE VIDEO SOLUTIONS VT100 Designed to complement your current security function, providing additional body-worn protection to staff throughout any organization. The VT100 can capture up to 3 hours of audio and video when it matters most. BATTERY LIFE Can remain on standby for up to six months prior to activation. ONSTREAM COMPATIBLE Footage can integrate with any ONVIF ® compliant video management software via ONStream, showing your fixed video and body worn footage as one. NO TRAINING REQUIRED Intuitive and simple to use. RFID swipe to assign, press to action the record, dock to offload footage. AUDIO CAPTURE Standard audio configuration is near field capture with background noise reduction. CAPTURES EVERY DETAIL Advanced, wide-angle 1080p lens lets the wearer capture the whole picture as events unfold — even in low-light conditions. BATTERY LIFE Can record for up to 12 hours, ensuring it is always ready to capture evidential quality footage. PRE-RECORD Delivers up to two minutes of continuous pre-recording, with a configurable pre-record period. PEER-ASSISTED RECORDING Can be configured to start recording when other VB400 cameras are activated within 10 meters. VB400 The VB400 represents the next generation of body- worn camera technology. Rugged build quality. Shift long recording. Multiple ways to connect. Delivering the features you need to take control of every situation. VT100 & VB400 BODY-WORN CAMERAS VIDEO CLICK TO WATCH