Avigilon Smart Video Technology

25 800-475-3320 | WWW.ERSWIRELESS.COM PRODUCTS 16 MOBILE VIDEO SOLUTIONS BUILT-IN SECURITY Audit logs let you track every user action performed on VideoManager. Two-factor authentication protects against unauthorized user access and access control keys stop unauthorized devices from connecting to VideoManager. WORKFLOW CONTROL Defined user permissions can be tailored to control system access while collaboration and sharing functionality streamlines incident creation. Footage deletion policies can be set to suit the needs of your organization. EASY INTEGRATION ONStream feature allows live streaming from the body-worn cameras directly to your video management software. Viewing your body-worn camera and fixed video footage together enables you to respond quickly to events as they unfold. EVIDENTIAL PROCESSING Quickly create evidence-ready footage using VideoManager’s redaction tools without altering the original footage. VideoManager lets you collate evidential footage using non-video media to build compelling incident collections. BODY-WORN VIDEO VIDEOMANAGER SOFTWARE VideoManager is an advanced software tool for managing mobile video footage, users, and your suite of body-worn cameras. This web-based back office gives you complete camera control and enables you to view footage from third-party cameras, making the creation of evidence-ready footage fast, simple and secure. FOR COMMERCIAL BUSINESS