Avigilon Smart Video Technology

13 800-475-3320 | WWW.ERSWIRELESS.COM TECHNOLOGIES THAT DELIVER ACTIONABLE RESULTS GENDER: MALE UPPER BODY COLOR: RED RESTRICTED AI-ENABLED VIDEO ANALYTICS CAN HELP RESTORE THE HUMAN ATTENTION SPAN AND TECHNOLOGY IMBALANCE. Avigilon’s Focus of Attention interface within ACC software enables operators to see at-a-glance what is happening across an entire site through a centralized view. Live monitoring is augmented with alert-based functionality that includes Facial Recognition and License Plate Recognition technology to accelerate the identification of people and license plates of interest for quicker, decisive responses, along with COVID-19 response technology to help you effectively monitor for violations of health and safety protocols and manage compliance during a pandemic. Avigilon Appearance Search technology allows operators to search through recorded video easily to find a person or vehicle of interest within seconds, much like how we operate internet search engines today. Avigilon’s AI-enabled video analytics is created to evolve with ongoing security challenges, including new functionality in the future that will support more classifications, unusual object activity and face applications to address the continuously dividing imbalance between the human attention span and video technology. This is the Avigilon advantage. UNUSUAL ACTIVITY/MOTION DETECTION FACIAL RECOGNITION APPEARANCE SEARCH