Avigilon Smart Video Technology

11 800-475-3320 | WWW.ERSWIRELESS.COM COVID-19 RESPONSE TECHNOLOGIES MANAGE THE HEALTH AND SAFETY OF STAFF AND CUSTOMERS DURING A PANDEMIC CHALLENGE Facilities are unable to determine whether staff and visitors are adhering to health and safety protocols such as limiting occupancy rates, social distancing, face mask attire, and self-monitoring for fever-like symptoms. TECHNOLOGY Occupancy Counting analytics register the number of people entering and exiting a facility, providing a real-time count of net occupancy to support social distancing measures. Enforce Social Distancing once inside the facility with analytics that monitor when the distance between two or more individuals falls under the recommended threshold and for how long. Supplemental measures include personal protective equipment, for which No Face Mask Detection analytics are able to accurately detect objects in the camera’s field of view, classify them as humans and determine whether the subject is not wearing a mask. These analytic capabilities are all available using Avigilon’s H5A camera line that uses intelligence at the edge to capitalize on AI-based analytics designed to detect violations of health and safety guidelines. Elevated Temperature Detection analytics detect and alert for indications of elevated body temperature by focusing on a face and measuring the temperature of a person’s inner canthus (tear duct) region. Using Avigilon’s H4 Thermal Elevated Temperature Detection (ETD) Camera, the technology is optimized to detect faces, ignoring irrelevant temperature signatures from surrounding sources and provide a low friction, contactless alternative to traditional body temperature screening methods. OUTCOME Confidently manage and address the health and safety of your facility and the people within it using technologies that work in concert to deliver greater intelligence and stronger detection capabilities. 3ft OCCUPANCY COUNTING SOCIAL DISTANCING ELEVATED TEMPERATURE DETECTION NO FACE MASK H4 THERMAL ETD CAMERA COVID-19 video analytics technology is designed to detect, report, and in some cases, alert on violations of standard health and safety protocols using the edge-based intelligence onboard H5A cameras. The analytic data improves compliance and delivers actionable information that increases visibility and awareness around efforts to improve. https://www.avigilon.com/solutions/covid-19-resources/ COVID-19 RESOURCES VIDEO CLICK TO WATCH